Lama Palmo [transitioning to Lama Willa Miller, her American name] has studied and practiced in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for the last twenty years, and is an authorized lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Her teachers include the late Venerable Kalu Rinpoche, Venerable Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche, Lama Norlha Rinpoche, Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche, Bokar Rinpoche, and other teachers from all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. She completed two three-year retreats at Kagyu Thubten Choling Monastery in Wappingers Falls, NY, serving as assistant teacher, retreat master (drupon), and translator for her second retreat. Before and after her retreats, she spent time in Nepal, Tibet, and India, studying Buddhism and engaging in service work. She teaches Tibetan Buddhist practice and meditation in the Northeast. She has an M.A. in Buddhist Studies from the University of Virginia, and is working towards a PhD at Harvard University. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and two dogs.

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