Marcia L. Pickands is a remarkably versatile teacher with training in psychology, theology, ceremonial magic, and many other esoteric, metaphysical and magical topics. In addition to her twentynine years experience as a psychic and spiritual adviser, and her twentytwo years as a mother, she has worked as an archaeological technician, an historic artifact analyst, a New Age bookstore owner, a NeoPagan High Priestess, and a martial arts master and teacher. She is one of the two spiritual successors to the late William G. Gray, renowned author of many fine books on magic and the Western Inner Tradition. In addition, Ms. Pickands is the current Senior Master of the Guardians, a WarriorPriest Order dedicated to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Way of Light within this world by doing Good and averting Evil.

Books by Marcia L. Pickands