Maya Heath (1948- )was born in Texas. She graduated from University of Houston in 1970 with a degree in English. It was during her college years that she began exploring metaphysics and inner development. Shortly after graduation she moved to New Mexico where she worked an artist, jeweler and designer. It was after moving to Kansas City that she her first book, The Egyptian Oracle, in 1994 which combined her fascination for ancient history, art and metaphysics. Ceridwen’s Handbook of Incense, Oils and Candles followed in 1996. Energies: A Book of Basics, The Book of Stones and Metals, and Magikal Oils by Moonlight followed in quick succession. In 2007, she published her first work of historical non-fiction, A Practical Guide to Medieval Adhesives. Maya also designs and manufacturers her own line of jewelery called Dragonscale, which, like her books, focuses on historical, metaphysical and eclectic designs. Since publishing her first book she has traveled widely, lectured and taught often and celebrated with friends and fans across the United States and Canada.

Books by Maya Heath