Nadeem Haque is a researcher and author of several non-fiction and (philosophical) fiction books, focusing on animal rights, ecology, the nature of consciousness, the history of science, and theology. He has also written novellas in the extremely rare genre of Islamic/philosophical science fiction and futurism. His main goal has been to show the unity between science and religion—one of the most crucial areas facing humanity today. Nadeem was the co-founder of the King’s College Islamic Society at the University of London and one of the founders of the Institute of Higher Reasoning (IHR). He is also the grandson of the late Al- Hafiz B.A. Masri, who is internationally known as the pioneer of Animals and Islam theological research. Nadeem and his colleagues were instrumental in holding the lectures on Embryology and the Quran at the University of Toronto. Beyond his academic work and interests, Nadeem is a practicing engineer in Ontario, Canada.

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