Pekka Ervast was a writer, occultist, and Christian mystic, born December 26, 1875, in Finland. Finland was largely Christian in the late 1800s, but Ervast was not satisfied with Christian doctrines as they were being taught in church or even in theological seminaries. During his early years at the University of Helsinki, Ervast became acquainted with Theosophy. At this time, the works of Theosophist Madame H. P. Blavatsky were becoming known, and eventually Ervast himself became one of two translators of Blavatsky’s classic Theosophical work, The Secret Doctrine, into Finnish. Furthermore, through reading the work of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, Ervast discovered esoteric Christianity. Being an avid student of world mythology and religion, and having great respect for his own culture’s myths and legends, he specialized in interpreting his National Epic [The Kalevala] according to Theosophical principles. As a result, in The Key to the Kalevala, Ervast offers a most comprehensive and inspired mystical reading of the deeply profound esoteric knowledge sequestered within The Kalevala. He saw The Kalevala as a Holy Book, a sacred text that could be unlocked with the key of Theosophy. The literary works of Pekka Ervast consist of over a hundred volumes. In 1920 Ervast founded the Rosicrucian organization in Finland, the Ruusu-Risti, which still exists today and is engaged in publishing, teaching, and translating projects. Ervast labored to bring opportunities for spiritual learning and growth to his people, and the seeds he planted continue to bear fruit.

Books by Pekka Ervast