Dr. Ravi Ratan is a leading aromatherapist based in India. He is descended from a long line of healers and teachers who inspired him to become a healer too. After more than thirty years in the perfume industry, Dr. Ratan discovered the healing potential of natural essential oils. Aromatherapy became his passion, especially the healing and therapeutic potential of essential oils on a physical as well as psychological level. Dr. Ravi Ratan has undertaken extensive clinical research work on the use of essential oils for health and healing, and has created an aromatherapy workout regimen for the physical body focusing on problem areas and identifying causes and aromatherapy solutions. He also uses essential oils for chakra energizing and harmonizing, and with his wife, Minoo, wrote Journey Through the Chakras. As well as therapies and healing including emotional release work, Dr. Ratan conducts regular training programs and workshops all over the world. Learn more at aromatantra.com.

Books by Ravi Ratan