S. Pearl Sharp is a writer, filmmaker, actor and radio producer. Published work includes the non-fiction Black Women For Beginners (For Beginners LLC), Uncertain Rituals, an audio book of short fiction, the poetry w/jazz CDs On The Sharp Side and Higher Ground and four volumes of poetry including Typing In The Dark (Harlem River Press). She worked with esteemed actress Beah Richards to create There’s A Brown Girl In The Ring, a collection of Richards’ essays, later adapting them to stage. S. Pearl’s essays and commentaries were broadcast on NPR. She performs her literary work collaborating with dancers, musicians and visual artists. (View clips on YouTube/A Sharp Show.) An award-winning independent filmmaker,Sharp’s documentary films include The Healing Passage/ Voices From The Water, which aired on The Documentary Channel, Life Is A Saxophone, on poet Kamau Daáood, and cultural arts documentaries for the City of Los Angeles CH 35. S. Pearl facilitates workshops connecting language and wellness & offers creativity coaching through The Gate Is Open.

Books by S. Pearl Sharp