151 Quick Ideas to Recognize and Reward Employees


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Ken Lloyd, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized consultant, author, and newspaper columnist based in Encino, California. He has consulted in a wide range of industries, and his workplace advice column runs in newspapers across the United States. He has authored and coauthored six books and an award-winning business film. He is a frequent television and talk-radio guest who has appeared on "Good Morning America," CNN, NPR, and Fox Morning News

Most managers understand the importance of giving their employees recognition and rewards, but when it comes to actually doing so, they often come up empty or use outdated, ineffective strategies. 151 Quick Ideas to Recognize and Reward Employees will help managers stock up.Recognition and rewards are consistently found to be among the most powerful of all motivators for employees at any job level. In fact, when employees are asked to describe their most satisfying experiences at work, they frequently mention situations in which they received recognition and rewards for their performance. And, importantly, when managers are skilled in providing this type of feedback, their employees typically reward them with increased productivity, commitment, and overall performance. However, just like customers who always order the same old entree at a restaurant, managers tend to choose the same old kinds of recognition and rewards. Some traditional rewards still work well, of course, but there is always room for new ideas.

151 Quick Ideas to Recognize and Reward Employees offers you the full menu of recognition and reward strategies. It comes with detailed descriptions of the most popular ideas in business, plus others that are destined to become classics. Ideas such as:– Enriching jobs by giving employees more autonomy and decision-making responsibilities.– Purchasing personally signed books suited to the potential you see in eachemployee.– Awarding special coupons for free gasoline or transportation.– Hiring a masseuse to rub out stiff necks and backs.– Making your employees more invested by offering profit-sharing.– Plus many free or low-cost rewards. Included with each of the 151 strategies is an “assignment” that you can use as a roadmap to bring the idea to life.

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