A Floral Grimoire

Plant Charms, Spells, Recipes, and Rituals


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Patricia Telesco (Trish) has been a part of the Neo-Pagan community for over 30 years. During that time, she penned many memorable titles, including Victorian Grimoire; Goddess in my Pocket; Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders, and the first edition of Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook. During her speaking engagements across the U.S., Trish met many wise people working behind the scenes who blessed her with down-to-earth perspectives for going forward with books and life. Along the way, cooking at festivals led to writing more about culinary topics. The result has been very happy bellies for family and friends alike.

Food is love; food is hospitality. Food changes life, and life changes food.

A Floral Grimoire sets out to combine Wise Woman know-how with the Victorians’ floral fascination, blending folklore, history, and magic to create an enchanting, engaging book. This updated and revised collection of spells, prayers, and correspondences will make a welcome addition to any green witch’s herbal book collection.

Enter the Witch’s Garden

This charming book makes an excellent companion for those lovely, peaceful walks through the garden. Patricia Telesco has created a delightful grimoire that shows the reader how to create magical charms and spells using the  abundance of floral life found to delicately grow in the witch’s garden or in the wild forests and woodlands. If you’ve been drawn to a style of magic and witchcraft that is much more animistic in nature, then A Floral Grimoire will  make an excellent addition to your magical library.

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