Discovering Keys in the Irish-Celtic Mysteries


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Jeremy Schewe has been leading international sacred site retreats, socio-economic service trips, and conservation-based eco-adventures for ten years. He is an ecologist, botanist, tree keeper, and community activator who has worked around the world for the past fifteen years with indigenous and at-risk communities. Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman and athlete, and he has twenty-three years of experience practicing and fifteen years teaching Qigong and Tao-Yin meditation. In addition to these many talents, Jeremy is a carrier of the Light of Erin, or Solas Gael na hÉíreann in Irish, which is a Connacht branch of the Celtic Twilight.

The Celtic mysteries are alive and well, and Jeremy Schewe is here to show us how to tap into these mysteries for inspiration and spiritual fulfillment. Weaving together personal experiences alongside Celtic myth and lore, we are shown how to form a relationship with the living Irish landscape and how Irish culture, heritage, and language can sustain our spiritual pursuits. You will learn about the sovereign goddesses of Ireland, the Irish origin of the Holy Grail, the mystical lore of forests and woods, the magic of the Irish holy wells, the virtues of certain aspects of the Irish landscape, and much more. Anyone who’s inspired by the idea of incorporating the Irish-Celtic mythos into their magical and spiritual traditions will find this book offering a wealth of information.

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