An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism


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Omowale (Omo-Wah-LAY) Adewale (A-DAY-Wah-LAY) is an organizer with over twenty years of theoretical and practical application in enhancing egalitarian concepts and systems. He is the founder of Black VegFest and co-founder of Grassroots Artists MovEment. Adewale is a two-time kickboxing and boxing champion in New York and the editor/contributor of Brotha Vegan, which discusses the struggles, triumphs, and nuances of Black vegan men. He is a devoted father and partner to Nadia Muyeeb who also founded Liberation Farm based in Jeffersonville, NY. His website is

This brief book discusses Black veganism, food, nutrition and vegan recipes, and issues including social justice and western imperialism in the context of food, resources, and sovereignty. 

In An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism, organizer and activist Omowale Adewale goes beyond vegan cooking to uncover the dirt about the United States’ imperialistic, supranational, and neo-colonist plan. The book reveals how the US works with Monsanto to sell GMO crops to the entire world—thus weaponizing food through big ag. Along the way, Adewale gives insight into phytoestrogens and soy, while helping readers learn where vegans can easily obtain their protein and vitamin B12. He also discusses food and land sovereignty under a Black framework, Black veganism, the European Union, China, and the Third World worldview of agricultural trade. This helpful vegan guide and cookbook also has vegan recipes, including smoothies and a detox juice. Whether you are transitioning to veganism, an athlete, or a political enthusiast and activist, An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism touches on a plethora of topics and offers solutions for the reader to consider.

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