Ancient Egyptian Magic


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Eleanor L. Harris has studied and practiced Egyptian divination and magic for more than twenty years. She inherited an interest in Egyptian religion and magic from her father. Eleanor has been active in a contemporary Egyptian "House of Life," which is dedicated to teaching and practicing traditional Egyptian magic. She earned her title Qematet en Tehuti, "Priestess of Thoth," by authoring literary works, lecturing, and providing workshops for interested students.

Takes readers through the fundamentals of Egyptian magic, its techniques, rituals, magical formulas.

Ancient Egyptian Magic takes readers step by step through the Egyptian philosophy and practice of magic. The author, Eleanor L. Harris, is a long-time practitioner of Egyptian magic, and she explains the "hows" and "whys" of magical tools, amulets, rituals, ceremony, and spells. Advanced practitioners will find especially useful instruction on actual Egyptian magical script as found in the ancient papyri, such as The Leyden Papyrus, The Papyrus Ani (the Egyptian Book of the Dead), and other important works.

You will learn how to:

  • Invoke Egyptian gods and spirits for divination and magic
  • Scry with fire, oil, and water
  • Evoke messengers and spirits of the dead
  • Have dream visions
  • Sound the secret names of the deities
  • Shape-shift into god forms
  • Cast spells for love, protection, and healing
  • Create ritual clothing and magical tools

There is a glossary of deities and terms, along with a list of resources for more information on specialty items to outfit the detail-oriented magician.

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