Astrology's Higher Octaves

New Dimensions of a Healing Art


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Greg Bogart, PhD, MFT, is a psychotherapist and astrologer practicing in the Bay Area. He is a lecturer at Sonoma State University, and a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified astrological counselor. His books include Astrology and Spiritual Awakening, Planets in Therapy, In the Company of Sages, Dreamwork and Self-Healing, and Dreamwork in Holistic Psychotherapy of Depression. Learn more at and

This book illustrates the power of astrology to facilitate emotional healing, aid the lives of couples and families, guide career development, and promote focus and purpose in daily life. Astrology’s Higher Octaves combines therapeutic astrology, the astrological study of relationships, vocational astrology, archetypal psychology, dreamwork, and the synthesis of astrology and music. Through detailed examples, readers learn to refine their interpretive skills and to practice astrology as a vital catalyst for both inner and outer works, a way to achieve integration.

Influenced by Jung’s interest in astrology and dream analysis, Greg Bogart, PhD, presents a potent technique for combining astrology and dreams, where parallels and synchronicities between dream imagery and planetary symbolism amplify the truthful messages both convey, showing clear steps forward for transformation at crucial transitions. He illustrates how vocational astrology, informed by career counseling theory, helps us choose optimal occupational paths and fosters strategic timing and steady accomplishment in the realm of work. Readers also learn about diurnal astrology, which enhances the enjoyment of daily tasks and activities, sharpening our sense of purpose and time management skills.

The book concludes with the spiritual value of astrology, a practice that refines us vibrationally in a manner analogous to music so that over the course of life we can discover and express distinctive tones. Recognition of the potentials shown in the birth chart prepares us for gradual sculpting of the life until it becomes a reflection of our celestial ideal. By unifying astrology with psychotherapy, vocational counseling, and dream interpretation, Astrology’s Higher Octaves expands the celestial art’s range of social influence and teaches us to extend the ray of consciousness in many directions simultaneously.

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