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Becky Burckmyer has been a professional writing coach, seminar leader, writer, and copy and developmental editor for more than 20 years. Her consulting clients have included John Hancock Insurance and Financial Services, the National Association of Independent Schools, BankBoston, Fleet Bank, Eastern Bank, MetLife, and Fidelity Investments. Her writing credits include a book on business writing, Why Does My Boss Hate My Writing? published by Barnes and Noble, and numerous articles in newsletters and trade periodicals. She lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Sage Stossel is the cartoonist for Copy Editor. On Election Day in 1996, The Atlantic Online launched a weekly editorial cartoon feature drawn by Sage Stossel and named (aptly enough) "Sage, Ink." Since then, Stossel's whimsical work has been featured by the New York Times Week in Review, CNN Headline News, Cartoon Arts International/the New York Times Syndicate, and the Boston Globe. Her work is also included in Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year, (2005 and 2006) and Attack of the Political Cartoonists.

If your skill with words isn’t up to scratch, you may find yourself sidelined or ignored at work and elsewhere. You create an impression with what you write, and a weak or incorrect vocabulary is a serious liability.

Awesome Vocabulary offers a painless way to build an exceptional vocabulary. Readers will discover comprehensive, useful lists of words and exercises focused on improving word choices. They’ll also learn:

  • Tricks to reveal the meaning of new words
  • Memory devices to help distinguish between similar words
  • The difference between using words to impress and using words that make their meanings clear
  • Examples of writing–correct and incorrect, attractive and unlovely, persuasive and off-putting–that clearly show the right stuff and how to amend the wrong stuff
  • The secret to “balanced prose”: the Rule of Three
  • Avoiding repetition and redundancy
  • The proper vocabulary for the proper occasion: business letters, e-mails, and casual conversation

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