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Lucy H. Pearce is the author of life-changing nonfiction books, including Nautilus Award winners Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, and Creatrix: she who makes. Her writing focuses on women’s healing through archetypal psychology, embodiment, historical awareness, and creativity.

An award winning graduate in history of ideas with English literature from Kingston University and a PGCE from Cambridge University, Lucy lives in Cork, Ireland.

Burning Woman is a breath-taking and controversial woman’s journey through history—personal and cultural—on a quest to find and free her own power.

Uncompromising and all-encompassing, Pearce uncovers the archetype of the Burning Women of days gone by—Joan of Arc and the witch trials, through to the way women are burned today in cyber bullying, acid attacks, shaming and burnout, fearlessly examining the roots of Feminine power—what it is, how it has been controlled, and why it needs to be unleashed on the world during our modern Burning Times.

Burning Woman explores:

Burning from within: a woman’s power: how to build it, engage it, and not be destroyed by it.

Burning from without: the role of shame and honour in the time-worn ways the dominant culture uses fire to control the Feminine.

The darkness: overcoming our fear of the dark and discovering its importance in cultivating power.

This incendiary text was written for women who burn with passion, have been burned with shame, and who, at another time, in another place, would have been burned at the stake. With contributions from leading burning women of our era: Isabel Abbott, ALisa Starkweather, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Molly Remer, Julie Daley, Bethany Webster, and more.

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