Call Me Jonah


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Will Alexander is a teacher, scholar, and college president. He served in leadership roles at many renowned American universities. After decades in higher education, he refocused on his lifelong passion—writing about the transcendent moments that all of us have experienced and how they impact the course of our lives.

Life doesn’t end. Reality isn’t fixed. Time doesn’t work the way you think. Even the universe, despite its size, is surprisingly aware of and attuned to each of us. Then come those moments when all boundaries dissolve, worlds merge, and we are given glimpses into how connected everything is.

Call Me Jonah is the story of an ordinary man who experiences such extraordinary moments starting in childhood and then continue throughout his lifetime. Afraid of ridicule, he keeps hidden what he learns from each mystical encounter for decades. Until a random meeting with street prophet ultimately convinces him to share his journey and the remarkable insights acquired along the way.

Only God could write a story so touching as this through the words of Will Alexander. — Courtney Force, author of Soul Dancer

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