Casita Brujita

A Brujeria Picture Book


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Board book

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Moon Dust Press


Andrea Gutierrez Price is a second-generation Tejana, bruja, and former elementary school teacher based in Austin, Texas. Inspired by her ancestors, her children, and her own spiritual practice, she was guided to write her first children’s book on Mexican-American folk magic.
Cynthia Barrera is a Mexican illustrator who lives with her husband and three dogs in San Miguel De Allende. She strives to transport young readers to magical places with every illustration, drawing on retro inspiration and bright, limited color palettes.

In this bilingual exploration of modern brujeria for kids ages 3-8, readers move through the rooms of the home as they’re introduced to the different components that make up the rich world of Mexican-American magic, like prayer candles, ancestor altars, herbal healing, and more. As a foundational book for beginner brujas and brujos, Casita Brujita encourages them to begin their magical adventures with a solid understanding of the basics.
Casita Brujita is the debut picture book from author Andrea Gutierrez Price, inspired by her own magical practice and cast of kiddos at home. Inspired to create a book that authentically represents the type of magic practiced by her family and so many others, Andrea and illustrator Cynthia Barrera came together to bring this unique story to life. Illustrated with vibrant, retro artwork and magical details on every page, Casita Brujita gently introduces the natural ways that magic blends into a family's day at home.

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