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Steve Blamires is from the Isle of Arran in the west of Scotland where the Gaelic language and Celtic culture are still strong. He began to study his native Celtic culture in his early teens, a task that was made all the easier considering where he lived and the languages he spoke. In 1993 he published his first book, The Irish Celtic Magical Tradition, to much acclaim. This then opened the doors for speaking at conferences, events (private and public) and followed into TV and radio appearances on both sides of the Atlantic. He is a member of The Company of Hawkwood but mainly works alone. Several more books followed, including the first full biography of William Sharp/Fiona Macleod. In the late 1990s he moved to the USA and, when not speaking on matters Celtic, he was gainfully employed as a historian by National Geographic on many of their expedition ships. He has visited over seventy countries and visited Antarctica at least forty times. During all this travelling he has picked up contacts from the Sidhe (under whichever name you care to call them) in many surprising places and now concentrates his time once again on all matters Celtic, especially the Ogham. When he is not at home, he leads small group tours to magical Scotland, hosts his own Celtic music radio show, and is on the board of directors of The American Center for Folk Music.

Steve Blamires’ Celtic Tree Mysteries serves as an incredible guidebook into the magical world of the trees that make up the Ogham. Within these pages, the reader is given a solid foundation upon which to build an engaging practice that utilizes the myth and lore of each of the twenty trees and is also shown how to connect with the power of each tree on a practical, spiritual, and mental level.
If you find yourself drawn to a magical tradition inspired by Celtic mythology, or even the Celtic landscape itself, this book will be a valuable resource that will inspire your practice for years to come.

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