Chinese Astrology

Exploring the Eastern Zodiac


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Red Wheel Weiser


“He who knows others is learned. He who knows himself is wise.” –Lao-Tzu

The quest for self-knowledge has been a universal human pursuit for millenniums. Who are we? And could our destiny be written in the stars? Why do some commit their wings to life’s flames, while others tiptoe through life so cautiously? In a quest for answers to these questions, there has been an explosion of renewed interest in Chinese astrology. Awareness of our essential nature provides insight into our most intimate relationships…and into ourselves. Chinese Astrology: Exploring the Eastern Zodiac/i> explains our “natural endowment” or “inner being”–our personality from the beginning. This 5,000-year-old art paints a remarkable picture of personality and potential using the archetypes of the 12 signs of the ancient Eastern zodiac. While each one of us possess some qualities of all 12 signs, we each have a dominant sign and birth element. Be prepared for some ah ha! moments as you explore this ancient art and gain insight into the characters of those you meet along life’s path. You may notice interesting similarities to your friends and family, and you may never look at yourself the same way again. This is a timeless system that is as pertinent today as it was many centuries ago. In a book that will fascinate both devotees of Western astrology and those who have never even checked their horoscopes in the newspaper, you’ll learn — The twelve signs of the Eastern Zodiac and what they tell you about yourself and others. — The Five Elements, and how your birth element influences your destiny. — Chinese love signs, karmic connections, and the secrets of soul mates. — Your Chinese birth hour “companion”–your other self.

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