Choosing Presence

How to Access God's Peace and Release Fear, Anxiety, and Stress


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Jim Heaney has been teaching the practice of presence from a Christian perspective for over twenty years, encouraging people of all ages to incorporate the practice into all areas of their lives—professional, relationships, sports, arts, health, and more—for greater spiritual and physical well-being. He is the founder of Electronic Waveform Labs, manufacturer of the H-Wave device, the premier modality in the drug-free treatment of chronic pain. Jim lives with his wife, Patricia, in Huntington Beach, California.

“All we have to do is to recognize God as being intimately present within us.” — Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence’s seventeenth-century spiritual classic The Practice of the Presence of God showed how cultivating presence can be the salve to stress, anxiety, worry, and fear, all of which continue to plague us today. Now, in this contemporary complement to Brother Lawrence’s work, author and contemplative teacher Jim Heaney explains in clear, accessible language why presence is essential to connecting to and sustaining a vibrant inner life.
Drawing on Christian scripture, spiritual luminaries from the Christian tradition, the social sciences, and personal experience, Choosing Presence thoroughly explores why this practice is so effective at alleviating compulsive negative thinking, and offers a practical guide to incorporating it into your own life. With an emphasis on action, each chapter includes:

• A spiritual intention to help bring in stillness and connect with God’s spiritual energy
• A step-by-step guided breathing practice
• Three questions to help you gauge your progress

Choosing Presence also includes a detailed question-and-answer section that will help you overcome common obstacles to practicing presence. The book’s free companion app, Practicing Presence—A Christian Way, will assist you in deepening your commitment.
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