Clan of the Goddess

Celtic Widom and Ritual for Women


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C.C. Brondwin is proudly a Celtic crone. She is an award-winning national broadcaster, journalist, and former university executive who returned to her roots. Her studies include herbalism, homeopathic medicine, as well as the mythology of the Mother Goddess, Brigantia. A natural teacher and counselor, who also leads Goddess empowerment workshops, Brondwin is the author of Maiden Magick.

“Inspiring, empowering, and overflowing with Clan Mother savvy. Clan of the Goddess is a must read for everyone who would like to get in touch with their sacred Celtic Power!”—Sirona Knight, author of Exploring Celtic Druidism

The early Celtic Clan Mothers encouraged women to be confident and spunky, and to believe in the feminine divine within their souls. Clan of the Goddess combines the enchantment of ancient magick with the playfulness of the Celtic spirit. Its message is serious, but C. C. Brondwin brings it all home with irrepressible humor and delightful flair.

Clan of the Goddess illustrates the basic principles of Goddess teachings so readers can develop steadfast faith in their personal power and then go on to use these newfound skills to enrich their lives. This groundbreaking primer weaves a rich tapestry of authentic Celtic wisdom with the brilliant-colored threads of today's result-oriented visualization and motivational techniques in a way that will raise awareness while accelerating the spiritual experience.

Clan of the Goddess invites the reader to recall and re-live those moments when she experienced true joy or bliss, moments when she was closest to the feminine divine. The sum total of these moments represents a woman's personal power base–her magick–and the lessons learned here form the basis of all subsequent spells.

Once her magick is claimed, the reader learns how to unburden and improve the health of her soul; to cast a Spell of Protection; to find her sacred place of healing (Nemeton); and to become personally acquainted with her spirit guide. The reader's foundation of spiritual enlightenment and faith in the feminine divine, and in herself, is now firmly established.
Next, the reader uses her Celtic magick to enrich her daily life. She begins by reducing the damaging influence of past sorrows and haunting shadows in order to quiet the negative voices in her mind and add essential balance to her world. Now she must decide exactly what she wants from life, so the Goddess within can fulfill her heartfelt dreams and ambitions. The reader learns how to turn up the volume of her laughter, magnify the fun in her life, improve her current love relationship, or attract a new lover or two, if she is so inclined.
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