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Lucy H. Pearce is the author of life-changing non-fction books, including Nautilus Award winners Medicine Woman, Burning Woman, and Creatrix. Her writing focuses on women’s healing through archetypal psychology, embodiment, historical awareness, and creativity. She is an award winning graduate in history of ideas with English literature from Kingston University, and has a PGCE from Cambridge University.

Lucy’s multi-faceted creative work spans the expressive arts, exploring the lost archetypes of the feminine and symbols of the soul. Her thoughtful and arresting cover art and illustrations feature in many beloved Womancraft titles.

For all those that must create in order to live: for the Highly Creative, the Highly Sensitive, the multi-passionate . . . Soulful, serious-minded, irreverent, and authentic, let Creatrix take you on a journey to the heart of your creative soul.

Creatrix is more than just a fancy name for a female artist. She is artist plus…artist plus priestess, artist plus healer, artist plus activist: her work has both sacred and worldly dimensions. She is an energy worker first and foremost, weaving energy into form, colour, words and sound, in order to transform herself and those her creations touch.

What does it mean to live a life in service to your creativity and in direct connection to the creative source?

In this, her ninth book, Lucy H. Pearce, award winning author of Burning Woman, Medicine Woman, and The Rainbow Way shares:

  • Powerful practical insight into all parts of The Creative Way
  • The unique challenges for women artists and writers
  • How to align with your authentic voice and The Work that calls you
  • Techniques for harnessing your powerful creative energy and dealing with fear, anxiety, creative blocks
  • How to earn your living creatively: building a social media platform, working sustainably, creating multiple income streams, networking when socially anxious and more
  • How our creativity can be our most potent transformational medicine
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