Creatrix Awakened Oracle Deck

Fierce Feminine Frequency Leaders (33 Full-Color Cards and 126-Page Guidebook)


Imprint: Muse Oracle Press
Availability: Currently not available / Coming soon on 11/05/2024

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126 Pages


3.5 x 5.5



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Muse Oracle Press


Shannon Van Den Berg is a dedicated shaman guiding the awakening of fellow starseeds and new Earth feminine leaders toward the golden age. Her journey on Earth revolves around empowering others and imparting ancient ancestral wisdom, fostering sovereign feminine leadership among emerging leaders.

Creatrix Awakened Oracle Deck whispers the wisdom of fierce feminine frequency leaders, guiding the way to the golden age with a path illuminated by love and sovereignty. They stand as luminaries among leaders, passionately advocating for their soul mission, the children, and their ancestors, holding their wild hearts wide open in devoted service to humanity. Amidst the world’s perceived crumbling, they step into even bolder action and soul-centered beingness, remaining the calm eye in the storm, unwaveringly envisioning a paradise and interconnected way of living that they anchor through their very presence. These potent goddesses of creation weave a tapestry of ancient and galactic wisdom in every heartbeat. Each cell within them is a sacred devotion to the infinite possibilities and the rising frequencies of the emerging earth. They embody the forces of nature, true visionaries embracing their sacred feminine power, beckoning forth all souls ready to be activated into their leadership and sovereignty for the grand collective rising.

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