Dance of the Sun Goddess

Pagan Folkways of the Baltic Coast


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Kenneth Johnson is a world traveler originally from California. He spent the last 10 years in Guatemala being initiated into the Mayan Priesthood. His best known works are Mythic Astrology, Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey, and Jaguar Wisdom. He currently resides in Mexico.

Kenneth Johnson has written a beautiful book that will open the door to the magic of the Baltics. Explore the Amber Coast and its many magical mysteries, meet a pagan sun goddess, and explore the spirituality of a people who were the last to convert to Christianity in long-ago Europe.

Discover the Magic of the Baltics

Kenneth Johnson takes us on another magical journey in his third Crossed Crow Books title, Dance of the Sun Goddess: Pagan Folkways of the Baltic Coast. This is the first easily accessible book in the English language to offer an in-depth look into the Pagan folk traditions of the Baltic Coast, the last region of Europe to be converted to Christianity. We are introduced to the goddesses and gods of this magical land, as well as seasonal and family rituals that shed a surprising light on some of the most ancient concepts of Pagan Europe. Dance of the Sun Goddess is an inspiring addition to traditional Pagan and magical practices.

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