Doorways to the Soul Vlm 1 Foundations of Symbol Systems

Astrology, Tarot, the Tree of Life and You


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Derek R. Seagrief is an internationally recognized astrologer, teacher, lecturer, author, and astro-therapist, grounded in PsychoSynthesis. He and Katja Mikkelsen have been running The School of Living Kabbalah in Copenhagen for 20 years.

An evolutionary journey of self-transformation and self-integration

An exploration of the incredible world of symbols and symbolism. Working with symbols unfolds one’s intuitive sensitivities—they are the doorway to the Soul—the major focus of the purpose underlying this work. The author is exploring the symbol systems of Astrology, Tarot, and the Tree of Life, and combining them into a working whole, presenting an in-depth course of study. All three symbol systems present a model and a means for integration and self-realization, offering a map for the inner traveler to find the person one was always intended to be.

The main goal of Volume 1 is to introduce the reader to a new way of working with Astrology, by placing the horoscope upon the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, thus creating a personal Flow Chart or Mandala. Volumes 2 and 3 will add more focus on Tarot and Kabbalah respectively.

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