Dream of Vixen Tor


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"Those who like a good tale told beautifully will…want to stride out to meet its spirit." --Hoop, Spring 2001
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Hampton Roads Publishing


The Dream of Vixen Tor is Ken's fourth book exploring regions of consciousness. His is fulfilling his dream of investigating human awareness as an active participant, not simply as a researcher seemingly removed from that which is being examined.

Charles Duffie is the author of The Mole and the Owl, Sailing Through, and the illustrator of Little Spiritkeeper. He is also a team member if Sundog, a new media company based in Fargo, North Dakota.

At age eight Harriet Louisa Coleman won a poetry contect for "Turquoise" which was published in Cosmic, a book compiling the work of young poets from Hampshire, South of England, where she now lives with her two brothers.

Dreaming-awake — also known as “dreaming while awake,” or heightened awareness — is a growing area of interest in the field of perception. Originating from a real dreaming-awake adventure, The Dream of Vixen Tor offers an original blend of illustrated storytelling, perspective, poetry, and how-to exercises — all designed to help you awaken your own potentials of heightened awareness. You’ll then discover how to turn your everyday experiences into adventures of consciousness.

Well know anthropologists such as Carlos Castaneda have written about dreaming-awake, as have psychologists such as Arthur Mindell. It is a dynamic state of awareness that allows you to directly experience the creative interplay between personal and environmental energies. As a result, your daily life literally becomes a dream. Your senses are sharper and clearer, and you feel more alive as your world springs more to life.

Now take the first step into heightened awareness by making yourself relaxed and alert, then come – for it is time to enter The Dream of Vixen Tor.

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"Those who like a good tale told beautifully will…want to stride out to meet its spirit." --Hoop, Spring 2001