Edge of Certainty

Dilemmas on the Buddhist Path


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This intriguing book challenges common conceptions and misconceptions about traveling the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

The author asks the questions that some dare not:

    * Is spiritual freedom gained through effort and struggle, or by giving up our need for things to be different?
  • * How do we really know if our spiritual activities are moving us closer to our goal, or just keeping us from experiencing freedom in the here-and-now?
  • * Does our need for spiritual guidance point us in the “right” direction, or is it simply an expression of our habitual and futile need to “know” what cannot be known?

Peter Fenner approaches these questions by first providing clear and illuminating summaries of the orthodox and unorthodox ways of the many different Buddhist traditions. He traces his own experiences with such practices as mindfulness meditation, Vipassana, the transformational tools of Tantra, and the natural meditations of the Dzogchen tradition. He contrasts the traditional approach of change-through-practice with the non-traditional, Western need for immediacy.

Fenner shows us how the paradoxes that emerge on the spiritual path can be used to deconstruct our fixations about “getting it” or “losing it”: if I give up everything, will I gain fulfillment? Ultimately, he provides answers that are as proactive as his questions.

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