Embrace Yes

The Power Of Spiritual Affirmation


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In this powerful book Martin Lowenthal leads a journey to the very heart of spirituality, a journey of acceptance and aliveness through affirmation. By affirming what is in our hearts, writes Lowenthal, we embrace our aliveness and the reality of life in the moment. And only through acceptance, openness, and affirmation can we ever really be present and complete.

Embrace Yes is divided into five parts, each presenting affirmations responding to a different aspect of spirituality, which Lowenthal calls the “Five Faces of God”:

    * Yes as Presence: God as Reality
  • * Yes as Openness and Wonder: God as Essence
  • * Yes as Celebration and Service: God as Creation
  • * Yes as Love: God as Beloved
  • * Yes as Learning and Dedication: God as Wisdom

Poetry, fables, and religious teachings drawn from many different traditions are presented in short sections designed to give readers the opportunity to meditate and reflect on the wonderful aliveness of affirming reality as it is now, and living with an attitude of Yes.

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