Enchanted Journeys

Guided Meditations for Magical Transformation


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Sarah Robinson is the bestselling author of Yoga for Witches (now available in French, Polish, and Chinese), Yin Magic, Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore & Fairy Tale which was featured in Cosmopolitan’s top witch books and recipient of the Comfy Cozy Book Award 2022, and The Kitchen Witch Companion (with Lucy H. Pearce). Sarah is a yoga teacher and author based in Bath, UK. Her background is in science and she holds an MSc in psychology and neuroscience.

Sarah’s signature style of weaving myth and magic into her meditations, what she likes to call “Story Journeys,” have a massive online following, and now, due to popular demand, are in book format.

A magical collection of guided meditations from Sarah Robinson, bestselling author of Yoga for Witches, Yin Magic and Kitchen Witch.

This collection of over thirty-five meditations and reflective exercises is a must-have resource for yoga and meditation teachers, women’s circles, and red tent facilitators, as well as individual practitioners looking for relaxation and mindfulness with a dash of magic.

Enchanted Journeys is a practical, accessible, and enchanting tool for healing, transformation, and empowerment, based on Sarah’s many years of experience as a yoga teacher and international retreat creator, and background in neuroscience. Her meditations invite you to explore the powerful realm of visualisation, guiding you to access your intuition and imagination to harness gratitude, compassion, and strength.

The collection is divided into four sections:

  • Meditations for Cycles, Seasons, and Days
  • Journeying with the Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • Sacred Spaces
  • Journeys with the Elements

The book also includes a brief exploration of numerous approaches to meditation including: mantra, chakras, mindfulness, journaling, and affirmations.

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