Everyday Letters for Busy People, Rev Ed

Hundreds of Samples You Can Adapt at a Moment's Notice


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Debra Hart May is a communications consultant, editor, and coach. She is the author of Proofreading Plain & Simple (Career Press), and president of Skill Matters, an Indianapolis-based firm that specializes in providing training solutions to improve business professionals' communications skills.

Regina McAloney holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's in English Language and Literature from Fordham University. She has been a busy and successful writer and editor for more than a decade.

Here are hundreds of tips, techniques, and samples that will help you create the perfect letter (or e-mail!) no matter what the occasion or circumstance, no matter how little time you have.A phone call, page, or text message may be faster, but sometimes only a letter will do. What do you do when you’re a wizard of technological communication, but still aren’t sure what an “inside address” is?

Use Everyday Letters for Busy People as your reference and guide. In no time, you’ll be writing the kind of letters that get action, build relationships, ease tense situations, and get your message across.While the authors understand that writing a good letter takes thought and time, they will show you how to make the process less difficult, less time-consuming, and much more effective.Everyday Letters for Busy People includes a wide variety of sample letters you can use or adapt at a minute’s notice:– Business letters– Complaint letters– Community action letters– Job-search letters– Letters to government officials and agencies– Thank-you letters– And many more

In addition, this completely revised and updated edition of Everyday Letters for Busy People includes a new section on how to write concise, polite, and effective e-mails–easier and faster than ever! Everyday Letters for Busy People will not only help you to create the sharpest interview follow-up, the kindest thank you, the most heartfelt condolence, and the most effective complaint letter, it will also direct you in proper letter etiquette and help you become a better writer.

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