Fell in Her Hands


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“Ruth Lauer-Manenti’s latest and most ambitious literary project transforms complex ideas from Patanjali’s classic Yoga Sutra into real-life moments. The result is a storytelling experience so visceral one wonders why it had not been done before. If the Sutra speaks truths so large we risk losing focus, there is a lot to be said for the humble voice that grounds those truths in realities we can all identify and share. A masterful performance.”—Joshua M. Greene, author, Gita Wisdom: An Introduction to India’s Essential Yoga Text “If you want to teach that which is profound, it is often necessary to weave the threads of truth into a clever story, and this is what Ruth has done. She has skillfully written in narrative form a retelling of Patanjali’s from the perspective of remarkable characters, who reveal in the details of their lives how the thread fell in her hands.” —Sharon Gannon, co-founder, Jivamukti Yoga “Ruth Lauer-Manenti writes with a poet’s eye, delicately directing our attention to places of worship, ways of caring and areas we might not immediately think are worthy of reflection. She is amused, amazed, and perceptive, and in her world it seems everything is a lesson about how we might live better and find a deeper purpose. We would do well to listen to her.”—Susan Minot, author, Thirty Girls “Fell in Her Hands is special and unique in that Lady Ruth re-tells the Sutra through modern narratives, introducing characters that are recognizable and circumstances all too human. As a result, this book makes comprehending the Sutra accessible, relatable, and deeply personal. She is masterful in her storytelling, in love with her subject, and generous in her ability to share her wisdom with us all. I highly recommend this book, this teacher, and all she has to offer.”—Seane Corn, co-founder, Off the Mat, Into the World “I have come across many commentaries on the Yoga Sutra in English by great scholars. Normally, other commentators explain the sutras with a philosophical background. The method followed by Lady Ruth is through experience and stories, which catch the attention of the reader. Transmission of knowledge in India has been through dialogues, stories, and debates, which we can find in the Vedas and Upanishads. Let yoga enthusiasts all over the world read this book and reach the state of samadhi or equanimity.”—Dr. M. A. Jayashree
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