Finding Your Way in the Spiritual Age


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


Dr. Dan Bird has been interested in Spiritual topics since he was a teenager. Though raised loosely in a religious community and even attending a parochial school from grades three through twelve, he had questions that were not satisfactorily answered within the views of the church. After many years as a musician he became a teacher and technology trainer for Nebraska’s largest school district. He earned a doctorate from the University of Nebraska in Education with a focus on the use of technology in the schools. This book is the follow up to Waking Up in the Spiritual Age also published by Ozark Mountain Publishing.

A prolific songwriter, Dr. Bird has performed over fifty of his own compositions solo, in duets, trios, and even full rock and country bands. His music can be heard at:

Married with four grown children, he keeps very busy traveling, writing, and adding to his Spiritual webpage: He lives with his wife, Kathie, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Finding Your Way in the Spiritual Age is a common-sense approach to the increasing interest in Spirituality. Our daily lives are intertwined with the "other side", but there is really no reason to be afraid. We are on our own individual paths with signs all around us from passed loved ones, our Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels, and more, and they operate only from the level of love. Reading this book is like having a talk with the author, he says what he believes and offers suggestions for anyone on how to relax and learn from your Spiritual experiences. The information in this book is down to earth, simply explained and meant to be enjoyed in an informal, yet very interesting way. The world is truly changing on many levels, and this read may help you along your path.
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