Flying Saucers and Science

A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups


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Stanton T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist with BS and MS degrees from the University of Chicago, is the best-known scientific ufologist in North America and probably the world. He has worked on classified fission and fusion nuclear propulsion systems for space exploration for companies such as General Electric. As a ufologist, he has lectured at more than 600 colleges in 50 states, 9 provinces, and 18 countries. He is co-author of the Roswell book, Crash at Corona, and the author of Top Secret/Majic. He has appeared on numerous TV documentaries including The History Channel and Sci-Fi Channel and hundreds of radio and TV programs. He lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Flying Saucers and Science is a comprehensive look at the scientific data on the
flying saucer phenomenon. Nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton T. Friedman
has distilled more than 40 years of research on UFOs, and shares his work on a
wide variety of classified advanced nuclear and space systems. He answers a
number of physics questions in layman–s terms, and establishes that travel to
nearby stars is within reach without violating the laws of physics.
Photographs of little known, far-out advanced propulsion systems, on some of
which he worked, are included. Friedman also presents data demonstrating the
ability to withstand high accelerations with some surprising results. He clearly
shows that government policy on this subject has been to provide false,
misleading claims and disinformation, and establishes that the subject truly
represents a Cosmic Watergate.

Flying Saucers and Science presents intriguing data from a number of
large-scale scientific UFO studies that almost no one, especially the noisy
negativists, has discussed in detail. It deals with a host of “why” questions
such, as reasons for the cover-up, reasons for aliens to come to Earth, and
reasons for not landing on the White House lawn. Friedman unveils the SETI
program, and details the antipathy of science-fiction writers to UFOs and other
mysteries of the saucer conundrum. False notions about those who believe in
the reality of alien visitors and the adequacy of coverage by the journalistic and
scientific communities are reviewed.

In this book You’ll discover:

What type of energy and technologies could provide travel between the stars.

The most likely locations in the universe where aliens come from.

Why the aliens are here.

Who believes in the flying saucer phenomenon.

The government–s motives to cover-up.

Readers of Flying Saucers and Science will never feel the same about UFOs

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