Food for Thought

Planetary Healing Begins on Our Plate


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  • Author Camila Perussello

    Camila Perussello, Ph.D., is an extensively published Food Engineer who has worked as a scientist and food-industry consultant in different parts of the globe. Dr. Perussello is the recipient of several research grants by Brazilian and European governments as well as funding for vegan outreach from California-based The Pollination Project. Learn more about her work at  

Have you ever wondered how we can feed 80 billion farmed animals per year while nearly one billion people are food insecure?

Food for Thought is a comprehensive, science-based analysis of the social and environmental costs of eating animals. Noted Food Engineer Camila Perussello, PhD explains how animal-based food production is directly linked to some of the most pressing issues of our time: violence, discrimination, the climate emergency, and the global burden of disease.

The book uncovers the deliberately hidden and brutal reality of animal-sourced food production – from animal suffering to human rights violations, environmental degradation, diet-related illnesses, pandemics, food insecurity, and consumer manipulation.

Food for Thought also debunks myths on “humane” and “sustainable” animal foods, such as organic milk, grass-fed meat, and cage-free eggs, detailing the differences between production systems, geographical regions, and animal welfare labels.

The book ends with a practical guide on how to live vegan, the challenges you might encounter, and the personal benefits you should expect.

Most importantly, Food for Thought will make you aware of your power to reshape industry and society, despite the misleading narratives made to sow confusion about the vital role of consumer choices in social change.

Written with impeccable detail and academic rigour, Food for Thought is a valuable reference guide to food technologists, veterinarians, biologists, environmentalists, animal rights activists, and all professionals and individuals working towards justice and sustainability.

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