From Chaos to Creativity

The Art and Practice of the EnergyWorks Method


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Kim Bellisimo, MA is the creator of the EnergyWorks method, and teaches individuals, families and businesses how to create success in their work, relationships, finances, and lives. Born intuitive, Kim has always been able to see patterns of energy running through and between people. As an adult, her interest in personal transformation led her to study at the University of San Francisco, where she graduated with a Masters Degree in Life Transitions Counseling. Visit her at

When our energy is overtaken by the energy of others, our lives don’t work! Instead of creating from the duality of the mind, we need to drop into the heart, where all creative potential energy exists.

Kim Bellisimo’s unique life experiences have enabled her to witness the patterns of energy within and around her clients and work with them to transform their lives. Now, in From Chaos to Creativity, Bellisimo shows you how you can do the same by moving into a powerful and creative partnership with who you truly are.

Interwoven with stories and experiences from her own life that illustrate the development of the EnergyWorks method of personal transformation, Bellisimo confidently guides the reader through a series of in-depth exercises that teach you how to clear the energy in your life by clearing the energy in your home, your personal objects, your place of work and your relationships, so that you can become the creator you were meant to be!

We are moving into a time of needing to know how to be in a real, meaningful relationship with everyone and everything around us in order to thrive. This book represents the next evolutionary jump. Using EnergyWorks methods, you can break free from stagnation, reclaim your power, and create a life beyond imagination.
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