From Fear to Love

My Private Journey


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


Donna Lynn was one of those little children
who never stopped asking, why? While working
in healthcare, she studied psychology, world
religions, and metaphysics in a quest for
understanding the mind/body/spirit connection.

How do you describe the indescribable, comprehend the incomprehensible, and explain the unexplainable? 
This is the story of my private journey from Fear to Love with the assistance of alien lifeforms.  The journey from running away to gradually finding acceptance and then embracing that which used to terrify me.
It is now time to bring this secret out from the darkest recesses of my memories and shine a spotlight upon it, so that others—and I know there are many—need not feel alone or frightened any longer.

The aliens work in a circular and spiraling motion.  They are not linear and their interactions with us don’t match up into tidy cubbyholes.  Our relationship is more like a dance in the chaos; a dance to a song without a melody or a rhythm I can recognize, played on musical instruments that I’ve never seen.
We are at an important crossroads for humanity and the Earth, and my fervent wish is that Love will win out over Fear.

  • Different Physics & Realities
  • Why Do They Come?
  • Exams
  • Screen Memories
  • Different Alien Species
  • Where Do They Come From?
  • Their Ships
  • Evidence
  • Messages
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