From Fear to Love

My Private Journey


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Ozark Mountain Publishing


  • Author Donna Lynn

    Donna Lynn was one of those little childrenwho never stopped asking, why? While workingin healthcare, she studied psychology, worldreligions, and metaphysics in a quest forunderstanding the mind/body/spirit connection.

What would you ask if you could talk to the beings who inhabit your worst nightmares? And what would you do if they answered? From the time she was a small child, Donna Lynn experienced night terrors that were so disturbing they affected her waking life and relationships. Eventually she chose to consciously venture into that territory of the unknown to do battle with otherworldly beings who had haunted her dreams since childhood–only to find out they were not here to do battle at all. They came with powerful messages of love and healing on both personal and planetary levels.

This book is a message of hope that we as a species can overcome the pervasive consciousness of fear and anxiety in our world today.

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