Gaia Eros

Reconnecting to the Magic and Spirit of Nature


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Red Wheel Weiser


Gaia Eros is a collection of essays and instructions for anyone interested in finding a way to reconnect to Gaia, the living Earth.

Somewhere as you read this, a Pagan-affinity group is hard at work preparing the next Beltane ritual in their area. A circle of bearded priests is gathered to revitalize the nearly lost sensibilities of ancient Druidry. And a man contacts his soul and planet more deeply through his artful preparation of wild foods and a woodstove-baked pie.

In an age of accelerating distraction and destruction, each of these individuals is a hero. They are among the growing number of people who feel both the suffering and joy of the world in every cell of their being. They are the seekers experiencing the world through their reawakened primal instincts, through their caring hearts, through every inch of skin. And each draws insight and instruction from their relationship with the living, inspirited Earth.

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