Handbook for Perfect Beings

The Way Life Really Works


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Hampton Roads Publishing


“Whether or not you recognize or understand it, you have the ability to create your life every day, every moment. You are doing this either consciously or subconsciously, but you are definitely doing it. You are creating through your thoughts, words and actions just like the Creator created the entire universe. This isn’t a gift; it’s your birthright that’s part of your soul and always connects you with your partner–God.”

The Handbook for Perfect Beings is a step-by-step guide to working with the principles that govern creation. As author B.J. Wall writes, “These guidelines are simply trying to tell you how the system of order works for this and all the other universes. They are trying to show you how you can use them to your own benefit. Read them, and then reread them. Once you start putting the pieces together, you will see how it all works, and it does, I assure you.”

Suppose all life operated according to a few basic laws. Understand these laws, understand life. Live according to the laws, live a productive and successful life.

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