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G.B. Scaramelli was a Jesuit father who was born in Rome in 1687 and died in Macerata in 1752. He entered the Society of Jesus at the age of 19 and spent 30 years in active ministry as a missionary. He was the author of 5 works in all, the most important of which are the directories, Il Direttorio Ascetico and Il Direttorio Mistico. The latter appeared originally in Venice in 1754 and was translated into several languages, but it wasn't until 1913 that this English edition appeared.

This abridgment of Il Direttorio Mistico, written by G.B. Scaramelli (1687-1752) is a foundational work for people seeking the contemplative life that leads to the Spiritual Marriage, or reintegration of the human spirit with God. Nicholson’s translation has been skillfully abridged to include the most cogent material. Step-by-step, Scaramelli describes mystical theology in general and then moves on to how contemplation works upon the mind and body of the aspirant as well as the necessary conditions for and the different stages of contemplation. Along the way, he provides pointers for recognizing where the aspirant is in the process and criteria for determining what type of experience is occurring. He discusses visions, locutions (auditory “visions”), and revelations and how to verify their genuineness. He also includes a chapter on purgation, the process of inner cleansing necessary for the Spiritual Marriage. In addition to an index, there are marginalia throughout the book that summarize each section in order to help readers locate information.

Complete instructions for living the life of a mystic, based on Roman Catholic dogma.

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