High Magic in the Age of Steam

A Steampunk's Introduction to Victorian Esotericism


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Jeffrey S. Kupperman has studied Western occultisms for over three decades. An avid steampunk, he can be found at steampunk conventions teaching about Western occultism and engaging in esoteric shenanigans. When not so engaged, Jeffrey can be found writing, painting, teaching, and spending time with his children. Not necessarily in that order.

A first of its kind, High Magic in the Age of Steam provides you with everything your “steamsona” needs to start practicing real occult magic.
High Magic in the Age of Steam is a steampunk’s guide to Victorian occultism. What follows is a presentation of a not-quite-chronological discussion of several flavors of Victorian occultism, from spiritualism and Theosophy to Freemasonry and the Golden Dawn, with several stops in between and beyond. Along the way, you will also be presented with concepts commonly found in the steampunk community and learn the basics needed to build your very own steamsona.

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