Homework Helpers: Earth Science


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Red Wheel Weiser


Homework Helpers: Earth Science covers all of the topics typically included in a high school or undergraduate course, including:

  • How to understand "the language of rocks."
  • The events that we see in the sky and how they affect us.
  • Earthquakes and what they can tell us about the inside workings of our world.
  • How to understand the weather and what the weatherman is saying.

Homework Helpers: Earth Science is loaded with practical examples using everyday experiences. Every topic includes a number of simple tricks to make even the toughest ideas understandable and memorable. Each chapter ends with practice questions and explanations of answers.

As a reference tool Homework Helpers: Earth Science can be used as a preview of tomorrow–s class or a reinforcement of today–s. It will leave students with a firm grasp of the material and the confidence that will inspire a deeper understanding.

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