Hope the Hopeful Piglet

A Picture Book Teaching Children Kindness and Compassion


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Imprint: Lantern Publishing & Media
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Lantern Publishing & Media


  • Author Devin Staubringer

    Devin Staurbringer has been a vegan and animal rights activist for ten years. Devin loves to write, travel, do photography, and make videos. His life is dedicated to helping animals, humans, and the planet by educating people and sharing his creative passion. Devin hopes to make the world a kinder and more compassionate place. This is his first book.

  • Illustrated by Emily Buford

A moving picture book about piglet named Hope that gets rescued from a factory farm, and her journey to an animal sanctuary.
A piglet named Hope is born in a factory farm, and her mother is taken away. Distraught, Hope is transferred to somewhere new, and she hopes it will be a nice place. While in the truck, she meets a bird that tells her about how great the “park” is, and Hope thinks that’s where they’re going. Hope also meets a dog who tells her that he is going to the beach, and Hope wishes that she were going there too. And finally she meets a squirrel who describes how wonderful the woods are, and Hope would like to go there too. The truck pulls into a dark building, and Hope is put in a dirty pen with other piglets. Each day she sees more and more of her piglet friends being taken away. She is very scared and sad. But one night, a little girl comes into the dark building and picks Hope up and brings her outside. The girl puts Hope in a car and drives through the night. In the morning, they arrive at an animal sanctuary where Hope finally feels safe. There are a lot of other animal friends for Hope to play in the grass and woods with. All the humans are nice and love to feed the animals and give them hugs. Hope wishes that all animals could be loved.

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