Icelandic Folk Magic

Witchcraft of the North


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Albert Björn Shiell grew up in the shade of the South Downs of Sussex, England. He spent his days there walking ancient chalk hills, full of burial mounds and folklore. Trading it all in 2017 for cold and seemingly desolate Iceland, Albert picked up his life and moved north. He now lives in downtown Reykjavík, writing, researching, and translating old Icelandic books. He spends his days walking the land around him, learning and conversing with the many plant and land spirits of Iceland. Focusing now on an animistic framework of Nordic magic combined with the Sussex cunning of his homeland, Albert aims to deliver practical folkloric magic inspired by both his homes. Find him on social media @ Sussex_Pellar.

From the author that brought you Icelandic Plant Magic comes Icelandic Folk Magic: Witchcraft of the North, Albert Bjorn’s second book. Learn how to apply folk magic and herbalism to any circumstance with this highly engaging book of magical northern techniques.

Enhance Your Power Like Never Before

Icelandic Folk Magic: Witchcraft of the North is Albert Bjorn’s second book. Drawing on the same friendly and engaging style of his first book, Icelandic Plant Magic: Folk Herbalism of the North, Albert offers us an extensive grimoire of folk magical practices based on the Icelandic landscape. Incorporating elements of myth and lore, along with his own tried and true magical techniques, Icelandic Folk Magic will add a highly workable system of operative magic to your practice.

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