Indra's Net

Alchemy and Chaos Theory as Models for Transformation


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"Robin Robertson has a knack for grasping the pure quill in our crazy-making daily whirl. Indra's Net is magical, because readers will learn more about themselves than about Indra, alchemy or chaos theory.
" --Daryl Sharp, Jungian analyst, Publisher, Inner City Books
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Robin Robertson is a psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and MA in Counseling Psychology, a mathematician and the author of 16 books on subjects on Jungian psychology, science, chaos theory, and the arts. His books include Beginner's Guide to Revelation, Mining the Soul from the Inside Out, and The Beginner's Guide to Jungian Psychology.

In this clear, engaging book, Robin Robertson draws parallels between alchemy and chaos theory and shows how to apply them to our inner development. He is not proposing they replace traditional spiritual paths, but rather that they reflect deep structures in the psyche that any inner journey awakens. The model they provide necessarily underlies all paths of spiritual transformation and describes a framework for the stages through which any seeker goes. No matter what your particular calling, these insights enrich understanding of the transformative process, whether outside in the world, or within your life.
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"Robin Robertson has a knack for grasping the pure quill in our crazy-making daily whirl. Indra's Net is magical, because readers will learn more about themselves than about Indra, alchemy or chaos theory." --Daryl Sharp, Jungian analyst, Publisher, Inner City Books "I greatly appreciated Robin's scholarly historic presentation. As a Jungian and mathematician, it is not surprising that Robin has culminated his writing career on mysticism, myth, mathematics, and metamorphosis with this fusion of chaos theory and alchemy. Besides illuminating these subjects very lucidly, he draws lessons from self-organization. I would place this book, along with R. Abraham's Chaos, Gaia, Eros, and Peterson's Newton's Clock as the most important and enjoyable books on the history and implications of chaos theory." --Fred Abraham, PhD, Co-founder of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology, and co-author of A Visual Introduction to Dynamical Systems Theory for Psychology "Robin Robertson has one of those minds that range over disparate models of reality, see their affinities, intuit their implications, and bring them home to us with clarity and with deep feeling. That he can also link up these various forms and elements with the deep sources of transforming archetypal energy within each of us is still another priceless gift." --James Hollis, Ph. D., Jungian analyst and author of What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life "Chaos theory and the arcane symbolism of alchemy conjoin in Robin Robertson's new take on personal transformation. Always engaging and lucid, Robertson pursues strange attractors and the philosopher's stone through the outer world of pre and post science into the inner world of psyche. Elegant descriptions, up-to-date analogies, and personal reflections enrich and enliven Robertson's unfolding themes. He synthesizes alchemic mystery, mathematics and psyche with profound simplicity, re-affirming his mastery of this genre" --Barry Jeromson, Ph.D., has taught Philosophy and Jung Studies at the University of South Australia "In Indra's Netb, Dr. Robin Robertson articulates with an uncommon clarity and erudition both modern chaos theory and alchemy. Taking apart and contrasting insights from these models of transformation, he then puts them together to foster an original contribution to our understanding of change in our souls. This jewel of a book illuminates the unpredictable detours of individuation." --Christophe Le Mouël, Ph.D., Executive Director, C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles