Inner Secret

That Something Within


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X is the pen name for Edward Beals, a businessman with a spiritual bent (or vice versa) who co-authored the Personal Power series with William W. Atkinson in the early 1920s.

At an early age the author discerned a “certain something” about powerful people and became obsessed with finding out what this was. His quest brought him in contact with many successful business people who admitted that there was something “outside” them that was “on their side” and always worked silently on their behalf. Still, he was dissatisfied and continued his search in books as well. Meanwhile, life threw him a curve ball/ he lost everything and was forced to relocate to a place where he met a mysterious stranger–a Mason–who helped him discover that this “certain something” was actually within him. Soon he was able to harness this inner secret and completely turn his life around. The story of his journey teaches us fundamental truths about the human spirit that transcends religious classification. He shows us that with determination and perseverance, we can use our bodies and minds as tools for the expression of our true essence and once we have done that, everything else falls into place.

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