Invisible Fire

Traditional Themes in Western Mysticism and Sethian Gnosticism


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Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold graduated in psychology, anthropology/science of religion, and cinema studies from the University of Oslo and NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. He is the owner of Sacred Alchemy Store and the retreat center The Monastery of St. Uriel, Archangel.

Invisible Fire is a work that presents the traditional themes in Western Mysticism as it pertains to the perennial school of theology, mysticism, and metaphysics.
Invisible Fire strives toward presenting metaphysical exploration in an engaging and all-embracing way. Hence, it fills a vacuum in the mystical and philosophical literature that tends to be too dry and academic for many readers. Still, solidly anchored in history, philosophy, and metaphysics, it is a book that strives to engage the reader with its Gnostic vision to rediscover one’s own center, if not the cosmic center and the divinity of the anima mundi and the world at large in all its cosmic splendor. As such, Invisible Fire is a book that unifies and inspires, a book that brings a vision of world, tradition, and spirituality into a unified and integrated whole that will expand the horizon of the reader and make their perspective on faith and mystery richer.
When we speak of Western Mysticism, it is vital to understand that this refers to a cultural conglomerate of shared cosmologies and epistemologies. This means that Sufi schools, schools of Kabbalah, Christian Mystics, Gnostics, and even Eastern traditions are bound by similar cosmologies through shared ideas and a common focus on divine revelation. This commonality is known as “The Timeless Tradition” and the Way of Seth, and Invisible Fire discusses these themes in great length, both in theory and practice.

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