Judy's Story

A Heavenly Love Story


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When he was a sophomore in high school, L.R. Sumpter first read Ignatius Donnelly’s book on Atlantis. This was the beginning of a lifelong interest in “maverick” history and science. This interest continued over years of formal study for undergraduate and graduate degrees. These studies reached the doctoral level and have been done in eight universities on two continents and in four Western languages. Nor has this interest diminished through more than 35 years of teaching in elementary, secondary and higher education settings.

L. R. Sumpter has also worked for many years in engineering and sales. He has lived and traveled in 48 of the 50 United Sates and 10 foreign countries. He has taught, written articles for publication and presented papers in two languages. Finally, after retiring from teaching it has been possible for him to devote full time to studying and writing about unorthodox topics.

What happens when we pass on to heaven? Those who remain in the material world grieve and cope with the shock of their loss. But what do our departed loved ones experience? What is death like for them?

Here is one woman’s story narrated by her through a medium. She tells of her struggle to give up the material world and to adjust to her life in heaven. She struggles with the fear of being sent to hell that she had from the religious teaching of her childhood. She finally learns to be a joyful guide and healer for others.

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