Jung and the Native American Moon Cycles

Rhythms of Influence


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Jung and the Native American Moon Cycles describes the life of C. G. Jung as seen through the lens of the Moon Cycles, a Native American teaching about the arche-typal influences and forces that affect us at different times in our lives. Through this lens we see how the rhythm of Jung’s life coincided with the great events of the 20th century.

This book offers new insights into Jung’s life and death, and provides a fascinating perspective on some of Jung’s more important dreams. It also unexpectedly casts new light on Jung’s fateful associations with Freud and Picasso and the controversial areas of his life, particularly his relationships with women and his supposed anti-Semitism. Michael Owen also shows how readers will be able to place the events of their own lives on the Moon Cycles of the Native American Medicine Wheel, gaining a new perspective into the births and deaths in their life (inner and outer). They will see what learning periods are ahead of them, and understand the critical importance of the nine-month and three-year cycles.

Some of the “patterns of time” and other insights revealed:

    * Both Jung’s parents were the thirteenth and youngest in their families.
  • * Freud died twenty-seven years almost to the day after he fainted in Jung’s presence and said “How sweet it must be to die.”
  • * Jung dreamt of the firebombing of Dresden twenty-seven years before it happened.
  • * Jung’s writings about Picasso and its relationship to Jung’s death.

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