Keywords for Astrology

The Essential Guide to Correspondences and Interpretation of Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects


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Hajo Banzhaf (1949–2009) was a German professional astrologer and tarot reader. Banzhaf studied languages and philosophy, then worked for a private bank in Munich. In 1985, he began his work as author, astrologer, and tarot expert, and also as editor for a German astrological publisher. He was the author of several books, including Keywords for the Crowley Tarot (with Brigitte Theler), The Tarot Handbook, and Tarot and the Journey of the Hero.

Anna Haebler, born in 1948, studied sociolo­gy in Munich. She was intensively involved with astrology and eso­terica for more than fifteen years. In her professional life, she com­bined the perspectives of astrology and psychology.

Learn a straightforward method for using astrological terms to interpret the correspondences of the planets, zodiac signs, cardinal axes, houses, and aspects.

Astrology is the language of the cosmos. For anyone interested in “reading”—that is, interpreting—a birth chart, understanding the language is key. As in any language, there are rules and patterns to follow.
Authors Hajo Banzhaf and Anna Haebler take the mystery and confusion out of astrological interpretation. The authors begin with a concise breakdown of the horoscope, presenting the reader with a solid but easy-to-grasp foundation on what reading a chart entails. They cleverly compare the horoscope to a play with the planets as actors, the signs as their roles, the houses as stages of life, and the aspects as how the players interact with one another.
Keywords for Astrology is more than just a simple reference list of astrological terms. It explains all the essential configurations in a horoscope, offering a remarkably straightforward method for using keywords to interpret the correspondences of the planets, zodiac signs, cardinal axes, houses, and aspects. It weaves together the relationships between each of these elements and then expands on them by highlighting harmonious and discordant qualities. The interpretations readily apply to natal placement as well as transiting influence. This approach allows new perspectives and insights to emerge in your interpretations.
Banzhaf and Haebler combine their vast knowledge with humor and compassion, making this book a pleasure to read, and a must-have reference for your astrological library.
First published by Weiser Books in 1996, this new edition includes a foreword by Theresa Reed, author of Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners.

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