Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions


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Patricia Telesco has authored more than 50 metaphysical books, including Kitchen Witch's Guide to Divination, Which Witch is Which?, God/Goddess, Mastering Candle Magick, Exploring Candle Magick, Money Magick, An Enchanted Life, Gardening with the Goddess, and A Witch's Beverages and Brews (all published by New Page Books). She frequently lectures and conducts workshops on Paganism and maintains a strong, visible presence on the Internet through her home page,

A toast to Magick! In magick, the cup is a symbol of the Goddess, that ever-fruitful fountain from which the nectars of originality, wisdom, and blessings flow. Like the Horn of Plenty or Cauldron of Cerridwen, there is always enough of this vibrant liquid to quench the driest of spirits. This wellspring metes out to each of us exactly what we need—one person gets a chalice of compassion, one a goblet of gladness, another a tumbler of tolerance.

With this rich tradition in mind, a Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions takes you on an adventure in concocting delectable, symbolic beverages suited for every occasion. Be it a healthy brew, a love potion, a solstice elixir, or a mystical mead, these recipes encourage positive energy in and around your life in a fresh, fun, and creative way.

You’ll learn how to make potions such as:
• Four Quarter Harmony—a lovely libation to bring the elements into balance
• Carrot Awareness—to open that third eye so you can see clearly
• Fortune Draught—for prosperity and good luck
• Harvest Horn—to celebrate the Fall Equinox
• Peaceful Pleasure—when you want to calm things down

Quench your physical and spiritual thirst with these enchanting beverages, but don't stop there. Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions gives you enjoyable sips of the history of various drinks, the religious use of beverages throughout the world, and how to transform your pantry into a magickal paradise suitable for any spell.

Brewing gives your imagination and creativity another outlet to explore and an alternative means to express your Path. Each new creation presents an opportunity to create special energy. By adding elements of ceremony to your preparation process, these beverages become part of the same Divine source that permeates "New Age" ideals.

So eat, drink, and make magick!
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